jericho! is UC Berkeley’s premier comedy troupe!

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We hold auditions at the beginning of each semester and put on numerous shows throughout the year. For more info visit the jericho! facebook page.

Magic, Technology, and Time: A Breathtaking jericho! Epic

Well, here we are. The last leg. The home stretch. The final week of classes. You made it. Good for you. You’ve worked hard, and now it’s time to laugh hard. At the jericho! big show this Friday and Saturday, our videos, sketches, and improv will reach new levels of epic. Levels so epic that we gave it the name “Magic, Technology, and Time.” Those were the three most epic things we could think of. We promise time travel, teleportation, and superheroes, all while bringing that premium laughter you’ve grown to love so well. Trust us, this is one show you don’t want to miss.

Marsh Jam Ticket Giveaway »

Her jeri-fans! We’ve got big news! This Friday, April 25 at 8pm, jericho! is super excited to be performing at the The Marsh Jam! This Friday Night series features a troupe of veteran improvisers, most of whom have been doing improv for the majority of their adult lives. Perhaps even bigger news, The Marsh Jam has been generous enough to offer several tickets for us to give out to all of you wonderful people! You can sign up for the raffle by liking jericho! and The Marsh Jam on Twitter and Facebook. Each like gets you one entry. Click the Giveaway link above to enter! We’ll see you at the show!

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Alumni Show

jericho! improv & sketch comedy is having another show! (didn’t they have one last week? ugh they totally did, jeez they are some busy comedy monsters, don’t they have homework to do or like sleep to have?) (NAW) We’re inviting all our alumni to come down and jam with us for a Friday night mash-up. See you all there!

Small show with Birdstrike Theatre

This Friday, we’ve got a special treat for all of you. jericho! will be bringing the funny as always, but this time we won’t be doing it alone. We’ll be performing along side Birdstrike Theatre from UC Davis! What happens when one very funny group works together with a different very funny group? Be there to find out! (Hint: it’s probably something funny.)

Friday, 4/2
102 Moffitt

Big Show!

That’s right, jericho! fans. It’s time for jericho! improv and sketch comedy’s first Big Show of the semester! Join the members of jericho! as we explore the importance of using protection in every sense: physical, mental, emotional, and (of course) sexual. This show will feature not only improv, but live sketches, video sketches, and “guerrilla” improv videos. So much entertainment, you’ll wish you’d brought protection!


Want to try doing improv for yourself? jericho! is here to help! Come check out our first public workshop, this Sunday 1-3 in 228 Dwinelle!

Another Small Show!

Here we are at week six of the semester. You’ve worked hard, and now it’s time to laugh hard. Come watch the absurd antics of jericho! as we perform a completely improvised show for you!

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Small show this Friday! Come see our new members perform for you for the first time! The show starts at 8:00pm on February 14 in 102 Moffitt. That’s right, the show’s on Valentine’s Day! With tickets being only $1, that either means the cheapest date ever or the cheapest way to forget that you don’t have a date.

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Can’t get enough of jericho! Improv? Friday’s Free Preview show not enough ha ha for your week? We feel your pain. Don’t worry, though. All four of UC Berkeley’s improv groups, including jericho!, will be performing this Saturday at Improvaganza! The show will be on February 1st at 8:00pm in 101 Moffitt. Come by and satisfy your comedy cravings!

Free Preview Show!

Don’t miss jericho! Improv and Sketch Comedy’s first show of the semester! For a full hour, jericho! Improv & Sketch Comedy will be showcasing its improv talent for you. Most of our small shows cost $1, but this one is absolutely free. That means no monetary excuses not to come!

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Interested in learning more about becoming a part of jericho! Improv and Sketch Comedy? Be sure to drop by our general meeting! You’ll get the chance to learn what we do, ask us some questions, and maybe even do some improv!

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Welcome back all you lads and lasses of UC Berkeley! We hope that winter break has left you feeling refreshed and that you’re ready for another fantastic semester filled with lots and lots of jericho! action.

Our free preview show is coming up next Friday, but after four long weeks in a jericho-less wasteland, ten long days might be too much of a stretch for you to keep muddling through this weary existence without your fix of jericho! improv. Well, have no fear! jericho! is one of the guests at the free Cal-Laboration show hosted by Theatre Rice. It takes place this Thursday at 7 pm in 155 Dwinelle. Surely you can continue to muddle for two more days, right?

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Our first show of the Fall 2013 semester is here. Get pumped, jericho! fans, because THIS FRIDAY in 101 MOFFITT at 7:00 PM is our newbies’ first show!!! See ya there!